Core Values

QuadCity is a multigenerational Non-Denominational Christian Church with an almost century-long legacy of serving Prescott and its surrounding communities. In joining any of our Sunday services you can expect a welcoming environment where you can explore beginning and deepening your relationship with Jesus.


It’s part of our DNA and it’s what we do best. We consider ourselves to be devoted students of God’s word. This is why we don't just teach bible themes—we teach bible texts. We believe that the Bible is divinely inspired by God, without error, and given to us so that we may know and understand the truth of God and His love for us.


Our church values obedience and surrendered living. Each week, our hope is to bring just as much application (if not more) as we do information. We believe that true disciples of Jesus are obedient to His commands and that followers of Jesus should be contributors to what the local church has to offer—not just consumers.

We Multiply Disciples

Making more and better disciples isn't just what we do—it’s the core of who we are. If you call QuadCity home, that means it's the core of who you are too. We are a church that empowers and equips our people to multiply disciples at home, school, work, and beyond.

We Are Better Together

You are not in this alone. In fact, we believe that we were designed by God to live life in a gospel-centered community. Because of this, we strive to foster environments that promote and develop relationships that help us look more like Jesus at all times.